Rob posted by Rob 12 Feb 2019  


Iris Krzyzosiak of new Zealand and Margot Wallstrom of Sweden are evil, stupid, closed minded bigots and liars, for the record.

Calling Jordan names without referencing or justification to silence him.

Slanderers throwing evil insults without justification from specifics in order to defend extremism from reason include, Iris Krzyzosiak of Auckland Peace Action, an activist group that advocates social justice and campaigns against war and oppression.

You therefore know that organisation is not about what it says it is about but is using those issues to further Marxism...

disappointed the new extinction rebellion in London which I have joined in with London is the same, pretends to be against climate change but was told by insiders on Saturday it's actually about anticapitalism, on Sunday at the conscious rave I got a chance to put two solutions to spokespeople on stage and they actively dodged the idea of solving climate change and brought it back to attacking government,

so, confirmed. The fact it's is fake peace movement is more offensive than her slander of someone I like without justification.

This type of Marxism killed the post 911 peace movement, stopped us stopping the war, attacked Iraq, killed millions, created massive waves of racism and sexism worldwide, put Trump in power and created a huge amount of neofascism worldwide.

Idiot Marxism creates fascism, fascism is a reactionary philosophy, it is a reaction to evil Marxism on a dodgy, "fight evil with evil" logic.

Who is the other nasty in the story? Margot Wallstrom of Sweden.

Stop being such closed minded fools please.

A lot of people have died for this idiocy and a lot more will die for it if it continues.

If censorship is the only way Marxist ideas can survive that proves those ideas are shite.

Allow debate. If your ideas are good enough, win the debate. Thought police are evil cretins who must be stopped