Rob posted by Rob 27 Jan 2019  


Trumped up charges

He's looking scared these days, that's for sure, Russia Today and infowars were my favourite mainstream sources, Alex had more viewers than CNN on election night, me and my gal watched it on infowars in London.

Trump victory amazing shock.

Alex Salmond former first minister of Scotland Russia Today journalist arrested the same day.

Roger Stone was the first celebrity American 2002 pre Iraq war peace movement I saw, probably got the article, George Michael the first singer out against Iraq, Alex Jones anti republican anti Bush, peace movement, anti Iraq war information activist also well known to London post 911 peace movement.

Attacks orchestrated by ROBERT MUELLER also known to the peace movement as the WMD liar who most obviously knew he was lying.

Clear attempt by big money financier capital against free speech, free thought independent media, also, thereby, and as usual, financier attacking capitalism, the ideas department, for free trade means free trade free thought free information as an indirect consequence.

Capitalism's greatest enemy is international monopoly capitalism and financier controlled money supply

The same monopoly money attacking free thought is also anticapitalist in the activist sense as well to attract gullible wannabe revolutionaries into controlled opposition on some wonky fake revolutionary philosophy .

This philosophy well funded and promoted on banking system media is fundamentally bigoted, meaning, intolerant of other points of view, obviously, for if other points of view were allowed the people would eradicate the financier class.

Marxism is financier funded fake revolutionism as is intersectional feminism and identity politics.

Stripped plagerised and appropriated from true grass roots revolutionary thought and twisted to incite people against people at the financiers targets.

"The modern fool cannot tell the difference between production and content hence the crap government and TV" .