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Well, interesting one that one because... ...for some time I was PROUD to be a flying monkey - and let me tell you what that means to me; you act as if the illusion you are presented with by them is reality, that is to say, you CONFIRM THEIR DELUSION, you say "yes", which is quite natural, for their IS NOTHING BUT A SET OF COLLECTIVE ILLUSIONS and the line between delusion and reality, or sanity and insanity, IS THIN , BUT... That was when I was dealing with section 3 mental health act official psychotic, danger to yourself or others, officially mad people, my favourite people back then, as a sectioned, escaped released reformed medicated and unmedicated manic depressive bipolar type one... so...

say.... green gathering 2006 I meet a guy not come down off a DMT trip, "permanent high", if the fellow is sectioned diagnosis will definitely be schizophrenic personality disorder, he tells me HE IS THE Sun God "RA!" right?

So my response is, cool, I get to ask RA questions!!

Flying monkey

I treat him as if he is RA!, I asked him if he was pissed off with humanity, amongst basic physics questions, and whether he was intent on destroying us soon - so I'm being a flying monkey there and confirming his delusion BUT all his answers seem consistent ... you see?

And me and him are getting on fine, there are self defence reasons for flying monkey behaviour, he's clearly dangerous, we are getting on fine, I am a human in awe of being able to talk to RA! and he is appreciating the respect, as people do in general, and "confirming someone's delusion" is only "taking someone seriously" paraphrased.

Now I have to say, before the end of the story, I DONT DO THIS AT ALL NOW, with all the pretend oppressed pretend transgender pretend black pretend MANIC DEPRESSIVE even (That gets me triggered) and they never suffered one beating for it, never got arrested for it, never got pinned to the floor and... argghh fuck it... plus coke head DELIBERATE DELUSION for political/social power takeover since smoking ban I CANNOT tolerate delusion now "I'm oppressed" no your fucking not I tell them straight, stop pretending to be gay to prove you are scientifically socialistically virtuous you cunt, I KNOW YOU ARE LYING, I will fucking tell them these days hence no friends and banned from Twitter and fakebook etc.

Yeah so delusion, illusion, reality, barely any difference but I tolerate nothing but reality these days, give a fuck even if you have been sectioned and compulsory medicated, me too, give a fuck, you wanna have a "who's got more reasons to be grumpy" competition?

Best not, I'm gonna win, you are not fucking oppressed you bitch, I am worse than Jordan Peterson and you are gonna tidy ur room while I finish this blard clart story YAZEET!!!

So, back to 2006, after a long interesting conversation with the surprisingly peaceful, eloquent and deep spirit of the sun RA ( to use accurate words, there is no other God but god) our walking talk is interrupted by a crossroads where a bunch of people say hello, four people, plus me and RA makes a group of six, everyone is getting along fine, group chat a few minutes, no problem, then two girls I know, walking through crossroads say hi, I go talk to then thinking those 5 guys be fine with each other take my voice out let them speak so I go talk to the girls on the other side of what is quite a wide crossroads - so I'm getting chatted up by these girls for about 5 minutes when fire and comotion over there!

Big fight,

gal be like What?

I'm like oh shit it's the sun God RA, I've left him with some humans and now he's pissed off cos, you know, he speaks, they don't believe him, they sneer, he reacts as RA! would and, they would've been obliterated if I hadn't stepped in, true story, lost the girls , obviously