Rob posted by Rob 24 Jan 2019  


Neo marxism

Victim culture is so dead. When everyone is desperate to contrive to present themselves as oppressed you know none of them are. When you see people proclaiming their supposed victimhood with pride you know they are not victims of anything and if you don't see that you have probably never met any real victims of anything. Real victims are never proud of it, they don't act as if their victimhood is their strength and claim extra rights, special treatment and demand regular people regard them as a moral authority because of it.

Fake oppressed are the oppressors, pretend victims remove sympathy from genuine victims like every woman who lies about being raped is the REASON for all the women who get raped but don't say anything about it for fear of being called a liar.

Fake victimhood is one of the most dishonest, nasty crimes and is so prevalent because it goes largely unpunished and is often applauded.

It emerges from the reactionary counter revolutionary Karl "idiot" Marx's division of humanity into oppressor and oppressed. His predictions of an ever increasing Proletariat were false as anyone with any knowledge of the means of production knew and knows, because the proletariat is the industrial class doing repetitive factory jobs that were obviously always going to be replaced by automation; see word "repetetive" proletariat do jobs that haven't been automated yet.

Marxists religiously committed to this godless simpleton tried to save Marxism by making the oppressor oppressed battle into a race war and a battle of the sexes, this is WHY we are in a race war and battle of the sexes. In the process these neomarxists have corrupted education media and government with a sequence of contrived lies in the style of their "prophet" Marx, as well as getting a lot of people killed while deliberately creating sexism, racism and hatred in order to force their agenda on humanity largely through their own vanity as psuedo intellectuals and lust for position power and money.

Marx never cared about the workers or oppressed, was a beorgoisie intellectual, like all of them, and never visited a factory except once at the end of his life.

Shaun King is a classic example of this culture, nothing about him is real, nothing he says is true, his disgust and outrage are lies as is his pretend sympathy and compassion. All lies, tools for the broader agenda. Obviously.