Rob posted by Rob 11 Jan 2019  


Someone said, want to know why there's no war on paedophilia

I disagree, there is a war on paedophilia,

it's called the revolution

and it started long before Karl "fucking financier parasite plagerist counter revolutionary reactionary" Marx hijacked the revolution.

Stage one was the Protestant Reformation which created, among other things, all modern democracies and the scientific, agricultural and industrial revolutions CREATING the modern world as you now see it.

ALL European revolutionary philosophy is reactionary, trying to react to these British revolutions, trying to do it better and failing horribly.


the revolution had begun here long before Cromwell, who was long before the French Revolution, American Revolution, Russian Revolution, German Revolution or Karl "false prophet" Marx.

You HAVE TO go back to 1381 John Wycliffe the morning star and Watt Tyler the Peasants Revolt leader, although,ultimately, failed, they did chop off the heads of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Treasury.

Though Wycliffes writings were burned in England some of his European students had copies in Bohemia, hence "Bohemian" is radical, "radical" was first used to describe ANABAPTISTS and is the beginning of the fight for religious freedom, which concept, "religious freedom", Islam, the ultimate anti religious freedom organisation, is using to take away the freedom of the very revolutionaries who created it.

We have a serious problem with people appropriating OUR revolutionary philosophy and using it against.

NEVER accuse us of "cultural appropriation" IN ENGLISH IF YOU NOT ENGLISH. Otherwise cease and desist from using my language or technologies you idiotic hypocrite, thank you


the first source of the revolution is religious. Wycliffes "12 conclusions of the Lollards" the movement, Lollardy, as well as complaining about pay to play access to God had noted by 1381 that Catholic requirements for celibacy in the priesthood were causing fucked up sexual behaviour.