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dynamite, positive history! gwarn Roosevelt, 23.32 the only people NOT invited to Brecon Woods were BANKERS do it again! do it again! oy Trump? be the Millenium FDR!!
00:30:24 respect Chomsky more and more as it goes on he wants to pick Yanis's brain for insider experience and asks questions rather than making speeches from which we get,
"the first time i met the IMF chief",
anecdote from Varoufakis 00:31:30
Some confirmation of the "Deutshmark = The Euro" conspiracy theory i first heard from Serbs who said that's what they were being sacrificed for in 1995.

00:34:34 "the most important meeting" - "thename will not be mentioned" - deep state
1:14:47 expanding the limits of predatory financialisation
1:15:05 what Greece had to offer the eurozone was a population with minimal debt and a lot of equity

DYNAMITE!!! 00:38:18 dictatorship looks like this - worse than a king, faceless technocrats noone sees, except Yanis, the ultimate infiltraitor!

the shadow cabinet of the non existent eurogroup that isn't legally defined!!!

00:44:40 german finance minister dictatorship ultimate goal FRANCE! 00:45:25

getting the dirt now!!! check this!!!
"to answer your question about France", 00:46:04

WE HAVE DISCIPLINE to look after, "and i want to take the Troika to PARIS", tell Paris, methinx Macron is a Blairite technocrat Nazi collaborator - TELL FRANCE!!

sorry, getting hysterical

(brexit mate, trust me)

"The Versaille Treaty without a shot being fired!", OMG!! AND THE fRENCH ARE DIRTIER STILL, oh no, give me my meds... (i dontvote) 00:48:35

oh nooooo...


Chomsky, great question, sign of intelligence, hegets Yanis's info

00:48:25 Deutchmark=Euro again, german finance minister is boss

but, the french think, 00:49:12

DeGaulle in 1965, "They're going to be the horse and we are going to be the carraige driver", 00:49:17

Brexit the first was Henry the eighth
No resonsible anarchist would vote Remain in a European Supersate and shout smash the state the next day unless they were always a fake anarchist infiltraitor for the marxists

the real Marxists like George Galloway full blooded leftw ing brexit supporters´╗┐