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seeing this makes me miss the days of proper #rave parties...
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rub fm bring back the rave. we need another summer of 89 to kick it off again. summer of 89 documentary worth searching for...

bazedjunkiii official if you wanna go back to this era i'm sure this mix of mine will well appeal to your tastes

rub fm

bazedjunkiii official sweet tune... so what exactly is it taht does? label? radio station? event promoter?
also - going to 92 stylewise with

rub fm will check ya mixes now switching to tsu on pc soon no point on phone was just bored of my vinyl neway so nice1fi dat innit bless... site for output from revolutionary post 911 reactionary anti war peace movement rebel ravers newspapers and direct action and invitation only... lots of sites in there like the now on but loads of broken links as it's been shunted round various servers needs a complete rebuild but See More

rub fm afro not agro

rub fm yeah, u pumping out in central london, followed your soundcloud, liked the track, this mix i just put on now, that type of snare on this 1 but garagier more millenium london bass drums, singer was distracted by her two kids so i only got a little lyric off her loosely

bazedjunkiii official kinda reminds me of erykah badu voicewise for some reason... good stuff. need to be released on vinyl.
also - don't we all spent too much time on social media & the interwebz in general? content creation eats up my time for all the websites i run and work for - with social media on top and also recording loads of mixes for radio abuse these days

rub fm social media a waste of time, we need to create a web of websites like the interweb used to be - social media is social control - if its f'book you're literally working for the CIA as a content provider for free - "Rasta no work for no CIA" - gimme the websites you're promoting and i'll link 'em up on my frontpage on

rub fm you reckon it's worth pressing on vinyl? thought it was kinda ruff myself...

bazedjunkiii official ruff stuff is where it's at - we need to get the youth used to that again to create a new vibe on the street
websitewise check out
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