rob posted by rob 19 Oct 2018  


Anybody who thinks feminism has gone too far is a rape apologist, anyone who criticises Israel is antisemitic, anyone not down with the white privilege thesis is a racist - what they are saying is, we are gonna keep pushing it and pushing it and no matter what harm it causes we will not listen when told

This is Holly "I don't care, what you gonna do, I don't care" and the frauds virtue of "not giving a fuck" this is where the virtue of being a cunt comes into play, I'll never learn, I should've said, "if you don't care why are you even talking to me" seriously, the lie is so bafflingly stupid it often wins by baffling you with its stupidity

The lie is "I don't care"

! Like Kanye West don't give a fuck

Hahahahaha lies

I give a fuck
I care

If you don't, don't even talk to me, who came up to who?
Arghhh mad emotional it's my sons birthday..