rob posted by rob 14 Jan 2018  


It's like some mad cult

Harry Potter's bird signed up for bringing the American race war to Britain, go go feminists go! No, stop, really, no no stop please make it stop... Now in my top ten list of things that make me start planning murders in my head, Peggy Mcintosh whatever her name is and her "white privilege unpacking the invisible knapsack" thesis for the fucking feminist studies fucking department of philafuckingdelphia so called fucking unifuckingversity...

My reaction is now also "a thing" called "white rage", an awful lot of "things" came out of Peggy's "invisible knapsack" which never existed like almost everything people are talking about when they say "it's a thing"

What they mean is we are going to talk about this thing that isn't a thing as if it were real

Just call them fucking liars before they even waft you unto their bullshit

Why you trying to tell me "it's a thing" when it's not? Fucking liar that's why, next they'll be telling you how real they are while going on totally fake, fucking liar fake fuxking see through fucking hustlers

Emma Watson is "the hustled" in this scenario so my rage ain't towards her, ain't towards anyone really, only damages me in the end, which is the intention of the hustle, the liars are winning