rob posted by rob 25 Dec 2017  


Christimass morn..

Tonight I am seriously pondering "who is father Christmas?" provoked by endless radio one songs, one weird one just went past but didn't catch title or artist...

Revelations 3:17 my memory is rubbish, it's in Jill Scott's "a long walk"

"Maybe we could discuss revelations 3:17"

The favourite Bible passage of the "Jesus was black" section of the American Black Power Movement

"and his hair shall be white like wool" I think the passage says, roughly, my Bible's in the bedroom, too lazy to look, "wool" being the word of interest, being curly, implying afro, they say...

I had previously wondered if that's why British judges and Lords wear white curly wigs, to make them look like old Jewish men

Then I thought, like Santa! I'm mad I know, I keep adding bits to thoughts I've been pondering for years

Especially since passing 33 and being older than jesus, we have the baby the boy the man but no elder jesus

This is totally random but I'm alone Christmas morning and won't be seeing anyone till tomorrow so I'm allowed this speculation and it's better than me ranting my sorrows, drift off into possibly meaningless philosophical musings with me

Santa is the judge
Have you been a good little boy?

Totally separate and much more realistic thoughts on Santa is a father who loves his children but is hated by their mother so must stay away, if I could climb down a chimney and leave a present with an unauthorised breaking and entry I would, it must have actually happened, I believe, more than once, almost certainly, if we're not friends by next Christmas I'm gonna break into little miss Malcolm X's house and leave a mystery present for my son with no indication that it's from me

Has to be handmade

Behind all magic there is a reality
Behind all reality there is a magic