rob posted by rob 19 Dec 2017  



what the fuck are the news agencies doing and why? We need to sort these cretins out before they start making the conspiracy theorists look correct.

Why? Maybe because Obama got himself caught up behind this "Assad must go" regime change policy which Hillary was forced to back, in my opinion the main reason for her failure apart from the racist black power movement and sexist feminist movement being such a boost for trump

Regime change Syria as official US policy means the media then back a war against Syria's government in support of ISIS, because its ISIS against Assad, while all the time telling all westerners that ISIS is the most unspeakable evil that must be destroyed

This is crazy, am I the only one who's noticed? Feels like that sometimes

Do the reporters and editors not notice the contradiction? Why is Boris Johnson so enthusiastic about killing a moderate leader of a sovereign nation in order to procure victory for some totally insane Islamic fundamentalists bent on world domination?


Tell me your version? What have I missed here?




transgenders blacks and women are not oppressed in the West and all this fake concern for fake victims on a social power game and particularly Marxist efforts to recast their oppressor verses oppressed narrative into an everyone against white people moral crusade are moral frauds of the highest order taking attention off genuine victims and the genuinely oppressed to further some nasty little power game, I predict that crew of nasty fakes will lose it for Jeremy Corbyn the same way they put Donald fucking Trump in power