rob posted by rob 10 Dec 2017  


Unless there is an observer the rainbow does not exist - "there is no spoon"

Rainbows, most amazingly, are an absolute non existent non event without a conscious observer

Like everything else in the universe but most clearly seen through the rainbow when you ask materialists who believe in matter independant of perception

What is the rainbow without a point of view to see it from?

Why it is nothing, this shape these colours in this arrangement DO NOT EXIST

we have to ask them, this means you must therefore say the rainbow doesn't exist, actually, if you have a scientific rationalist materialist philosophical ontology, which is what the rainbow is a challenge to

Is this therefore the same way you say God doesn't exist? If so we have no quarrel, I will have it that God doesn't exist in exactly the same way that rainbow doesn't exist and "love" doesn't "exist", or the soul, or freedom of the will, fine have it your way but...

When someone says, but there is a rainbow! Will you pretend you can't see it and say, "I don't believe in rainbows, rainbows don't exist"

Reduced to absurdity the strict materialist philosophy thereby is, unwoven by a rainbow

"unweaving the rainbow" is the title of a book by Stephen Hawkings about how physics explains everything, I think, and the line is taken from a Coleridge or Wordsworth poem or somesuch, I think, and was about Isaac Newton's experiments with prisms and development of modern optics as taking the magic out of the universe, quite the contrary, sure I've got it all wrong