rob posted by rob 14 Nov 2017  


Unless your a white transgender boy

In which case calling someone out on their racism could get you called out on your transphobia, especially if pocahontas is wearing high heel stilletos stockings and suspenders and is a boy of under five in which case any sort of remark is morally reprehensible, if it's a girl dressed as a standard pocahontas, on the other hand, if you don't call her a racist, even if she's under five, then you are a racist, and when you observe others chastise the morally reprehensible child and its racist parents you must realise the moral superiority of the chastisers and that their sneering egotistical superiority complex is a sign that they are right, otherwise there'll be fucking trouble, grown women will turn into six year olds have a big tantrum throw all their toys out of the pram start a religious war a race war and world WWIII in which they....

Going off on one, it's what we call an advanced case of women's magazine disease

ALL real feminists should be very concerned about women's magazine feminism, like fake socialism, give me conservatives rather than fake socialist Blair liars

Not just feminists, they've managed to get to the archbishop of Canterbury

Total lunatic matriarchy

We should never have given them the vote

Theresa May is the feminist option