Rob posted by Rob 19 Oct 2017  



I don't know why America calls red flag Republicans "conservatives", totally bonkers, don't they know what "republican" means? Bloody monarchy murdering cromwellians, but then they do drive on the wrong side of the road, like the rest of the world, hahaha hahaha, ALL foreign "revolutionaries", Hitler the Marxist, marx, the communists French socialist and American revolutionaries are feeble copies of our bipolar headcase more fundamentalist than the muslamicists protestant puritan Oliver "bloody" Cromwell, posthumously tried for treason found guilty and sentenced to be exhumed hung drawn and quartered, hahaha, he was our Adolf Hitler out josef stalin our tito our fidel castro and che Guevara and pol pot, ask the Irish or the catholics, God Save the king, viva the conservatives, fuck the Republicans... (I do like Cromwell though, he's in my bipolar club, with Winston Churchill)