Rob posted by Rob 17 Oct 2017  


Sex up this Brexit

Sorry, Theresa May is my hero, terribly sorry about that, if you're left wing or a remainer

Sorry, Henry the eighth was a dirty olde bastard, the church of England was constituted so the European Superstate could not dictate the straightness of his banana,

when Rome was in control,

now Theresa May shall be our Winston Churchill and defeat Germany for us only to be promptly defeated by Labour, unless she can kill Mary Queen of Scotts (Nicola Sturgeon) before that time, as well as fend off Angela "Adolf" Merkel's fourth Reich from invading Britain,

Labour shall smash the state on behalf of the anarchists then we shall smash Labour and the state shall be smashed.

We don't need to smash The States now we've got Donald Trump in, he'll do that for us, bin ladin was right, America is falling.

Nicolas Sturgeon may smash the state of the United Kingdom.

I am not that anarchist, unfortunately, otherwise I would be pleased

Theresa May is my hero, she is our Churchill and our Virgin Queen Elizabeth the first defending us from the Spanish and dealing with the consequences of Henry's (Cameron's) Brexit

(which was all about Cameron's cock as well - insert pig conspiracy)

She is my hero Theresa May,

Boris Wants a hard Brexit

but Theresa wants to keep Boris's Brexit SOFT
(which is probably better for everybody)

she's gonna win by faffing about till there's nothing anybody can do about it then lose in inglorious defeat and igmonomy, she is so brave!

Theresa May is my Hero!
I must be turning into a feminist

Yours Sincerely
Stanley Kosovan
"Stanley self identifies as a transgender lesbian"