rob posted by rob 30 May 2016  



the lying weapons of mass destruction papers have been running "jeremy is an idiot" pieces daily since he became leader, unless we want our elections to be determined by the war criminal lying anti british murdoch monopoly proven pro war propaganda machine that has killed over a million people with proven lies we have to get through to that portion of the population that still trusts this evil machine. Jeremy Corbyn is a good man. The current chancellor of the exchequor is a coke head and the prime minister stuck his cock in a dead pig's head's mouth in some chi chi man sex game initiation ritual at oxford university and is NOT embarrassed about it at all. I went to Oxford and already have to deal with all the yardie rebels in london saying that's what we're like, its embarrassing. Corbyn is the last chance for British pride and dignity in my opinion, and sensible controls on immigration will be there, that has been stated, and the in/out europe question is equally split both left and right, Corbyn failing means it will be proven socialism is stupid and labour will be forced to go for another tony blair which would be awful, we need integrity in government, corbyn has integrity´╗┐