Rob posted by Rob 28 Mar 2017  


Facebook is where you lie to your friends, twitter is where you tell the truth to strangers

I hate people like that, people who say "I hate people like that", I hate people like that, very cynical about cynics and am routinely disrespectful of people who are routinely disrespectful, here's a big sneer at all the sneering people, social shame on all the social shamers, really gotta call out all these people who took so much pleasure calling people out, you created the trump presidency

Whenever you hear "privilege" be aware it is Peggy Macintosh's "white privilege" you are discussing, written by a white privileged woman for the feminist studies department of philadelphia university in 1989, she is Jewish and it's all part of the Jewish antiwhite agenda power game, just in case you thought it came from the black power movement... Or if you were wondering why everyone's going after the feminists when it was the black power movement put trump in power and created this new wave of white supremacism

It was feminists calling out racism that created all this racism we are now living under