Rob posted by Rob 11 Mar 2017  


Shifting in my sleep

First thing when I wake up push nose back into place. Gonna kill Jordan. Sparky's a bitch too. Thank god I'm not on Facebook. The cartilidge is like blue tack now. It moves. Who put your nose of joint? Fucking Shona, crack cocaine, the green Goddess and the matriarch and everyone and his uncles historical grudge against the English... It's good the American third wave feminist movement got everyone hating white people cos it actually took the pressure off the English, if you know you're historical grudges properly you know the British are to blame for everything but you can't have it with the Scottish the Irish or the cornish cos they already have their historical grudges against the English so in practical terms it's FEE FI FO FUM I SMELL THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN the English ain't bovered, used to it after this long, yes, sorry about that