Rob posted by Rob 07 Mar 2017  


Brexit - THE RUB...

Better understand the other reasons for brexit apart from racism, no serious anarchist could vote to remain in a European Superstate, George Galloway defined a hard left Marxist case for brexit as did the Greek finance minister attempting to present a remain argument that was essentially, "it's all fucked, we need Britain in to have any chance of sorting it out"... When the Greeks came to the Germans to finance their problems it became clear the euro is German and a number of issues, including immigration show that the EU is not a flat power structure collective but is run by Germany, this became suddenly obvious... Immigration is a subset of an issue called SOVEREIGNTY WHICH IS THE MAIN ISSUE. the most stupid remain voters voted remain not out of any love for the European project but against what they saw as the basket of deplorable, the stupid racist English peasantry, which is to say, they voted remain simply because they saw the people who wanted to vote brexit as racist and therefore wanted to vote AGAINST whatever the racists wanted. idiotic reasoning displaying such bigotry and ignorance that deceitful lying characterising the debate this way has not only given this as a victory to the racists it has made the racists right and created a whole load of new racists who weren't racists before, "calling out" racism... YOU called it out with your upper middle class elitist bigotry and intellectual arrogance which I am now pulling you up on. You have no way to justify your disgusting mindset and stupid decisions and arguments on this subject. Remaining remainers are hypocritical exclusionary intolerant bigots. Shut up
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