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Editor’s note: Updated, the armor sent to Syria is not for Kurdish forces but rather for the 3000 man Jaba group controlled by Saudi Arabia. Ahmad Jaba was chosen by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US to replace Assad in Syria. His force is to move on Raqqah, with American “boots on the ground” and Kurds supplying flank security and cut Syria in half, meeting up with ISIS, also receiving US aid as well. If only we were making this up.
The US has provided a Syria militant group with armored vehicles in defiance of warnings that the equipment may end up in the hands of Takfiri militants including Daesh terrorists.

Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today, believes the delivery of these armored vehicles to the so-called moderate militants in Syria shows that the administration of US President Donald Trump is a kind of a “stalking horse” for the war party when in fact it ran as the peace party.

“There are really only two possibilities here. One is that Trump and the Trump campaign were completely, fundamentally dishonest, selling themselves as a peace campaign when in fact they were even going to continue or even expand the wars,” the analyst told Press TV in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.
“The other, though, is that there is a deep state in the United States that does not really change with administrations and I think that is probably at least half of the answer that is the president is only nominally in charge of the overall US security apparatus … and the same policies tend to get carried out over and over regardless of who is in the Oval Office,” he added.

He also noted Trump is essentially breaking his promises to take a different tack in Syria, arguing that he is continuing the very same “bellicose” Middle East policy that he used to criticize.

The analyst also stated this delivery shows the United States is still on the side of destabilizing Syria rather than trying to re-stabilize it.

Barrett further asserted that Syria peace talks in Astana would have been a perfect moment for the US to “shift gears”, given Trump’s remarks that he was going to work with Russia and other international actors, and to stop supporting the so-called militant groups in the war-torn country.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the analyst opined that the concept of establishing safe zones in Syria sounds nice but in reality it is even worse than the so-called no-fly zone.

He went on to say that a safe zone might also include US boots on the ground which would be an invasion of the sovereign nation of Syria, and it would risk World War III.

According to Barrett, this is a “very dangerous” time and the world needs to wake up and notice that there is a really serious problem in the United States with this combination of “a very unpredictable, irrational and attention deficit afflicted president” and a deep state which for many years has been under the thumb of the “radical Zionists”.