rob posted by rob 02 Feb 2017  


transgender lesbian

I had a social justice warrior help me out with my lack of victim status the other night... I now self identify as a transgender lesbian, which, she says, means I am a man who thinks he's a lesbian female who fancies other women

This puts me in an extreme minority, because hardly anyone is a transgender lesbian, I might be the only one .
Therefore I must be very very very oppressed because minorities are necessarily oppressed because of whiteness, slavery duh... Systemic oppression etc.

Therefore now my issues are more important than those of the majority therefore I can turn all conversation towards ME and MY RIGHTS

since "coming out" I have been feeling very relaxed and smug and am looking forward to calling you out on your transphobia in the near future, even fantasizing about it is making me feel sooooo righteous

This is such an improvement on when Thought I was a straight white Christian English protestant middle aged heterosexual man which was a state of near permanent anxiety and everyday mainstream media and street level and personal psychic and physical assault

I couldn't have carried on as a straight white middle aged man with trump in power

The shame the shame the burden the white rage the white guilt god it was awful

I feel much better now