rob posted by rob 23 Nov 2022  


crap bioweapon, round one, down them in 2

 @Iwana Gohome  the fact Dr Ralph Baric is not in prison, has not even been asked about his role, shows a massive failure of our media and legal system. Our collective state democratic power seems to have been captured by the forces that financed the global lockdown, who now seem intent on starting world war three.

The fact eco health alliance's name is on both the vaccine AND the gain of function DARPA patented spike protein bioweapon with the HIV inserts and the prion like domain with the Hepatitis functionality that the RNA vaccimes produce

Thats like, the guy who broke your window at 2am is the same guy selling you a burglar alarm at midday next day, and your like, i recognise you, i chased you down the street and you go tell the police, the guy who smashed my window is now outiside my door trying to sell me burglar alarms and the policeman says, "i suggest you buy the burglar alarm, sir" then you know there is no law no more you are living in a gangster government totalitarian state

The spike protein is the bioweapon, that seems to have just been grafted onto any old chinese bat flu

George Webb was saying back in march 2020, as well as the Chinese Military Games beijg the superspreader event, that, and i dont know how he knows this, apparently, there is a cave, a bat cave, for real, in China where you will find 8 versions of this sars cov2 covid19 malarky virus that dont infect bats, they couldnt make it infect bats, george was screaming about it, you can see them trying to make this cooked up CRSPR edited molecule infect bats to make the humam to animal story work

Doesnt infect bats, drat, itll be fine, noone will notice, besides they had to bring the plan ahead to fix 2020 election