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bbc fake news reports fake activists outside fake climate summit

 @Richard allan  ok, referring it to the main post, "i wonder if we are going to be the only species to wipe itself out" a thought i have had myself many times i even have songs about it, the future of the world is insects they dont need a great deal of water they can survive atom bombs and they have a million babies in a day, but it hasn't even been looking good for the insects recently, and lets not start on the oceans. You have taken me for a climate denier but it is neither this persons feelings nor yours that anger amd upset me, it is that the BBC is doing this. I am not a climate denier by the way i am a 1992 eco warrior, when we were givem 12 years to save the world when 2005 was the climate tipping point after which there was no return. The agenda 21 story, when Severn Suzuki gave the exact same speech to the Rio earth summit that Greta gave in 2018, 12 years to save the world, agenda 2030. There is an old Chinese proverb, "the right means in the wrong hands produces the wrong results" the people who feeding you this line are villains who intend to rob you and quite possibly kill you in the name of global government i mean in the name of fighting climate change which they clearly intend on doing nothing about and have been almost as useles as the IPCC with proven fraudupent data fiddling, all bad organisations. Greta told THEM shame on you, she said that to the UN, you have done nothing, they admitted it, after robbing us for 30 years since the rio earth summit of 1992, 30 years an eco warrior for them to admit, yeah, we did nothing, we took billions off the citizens of the world and used it to enhance the United Nations power over the world, and did nothing about climate change, and now the BBC wants you to abandon love and family voluntarily euthanase yourself prefereably if not eat insects and Bill Gates lab grown meat whole taking three compulsory government RNA jabs a year. If you've not got your vaccine passport you cant travel. Utterly unconstitutional legislation drafted under "emergency legislation" conditions that would make hitler blush, we have seen this before, co plete disrespect for common law, a millenium long fight for freedom against tyranny in britain, oh my god. Every constitution in the world being openly turned over and the BBC backing every last war amd every last evil with lie after lie. Now they care about climate change? No they want you demoralised this is a fear campaigm blatantly. Elon Musk cares about climate change, right, thats why he is building a spaceshop to mars

Pumping shit down the oil wells is not the only way to solve carbon emissions from fossil fuels, all of humanities entire fossil fuel emisskons accounted for in one go

And the sewage filtrate is a seperate environmental problem that is basically a sludge of complex carbon compounds, like oil, and they are currently pumping out old oil wells with seawater, because the pressure is going down, simple switch to poo poo

But thats bobs idea, old man, "i have been telling them for years rob, you dont understand, they dont want solutions, they WANT the problem, they want to have self righteous feelings of angst amd anger and despair about it all as an excuse, politically or socially, one way or another" thats what he said to me, after 10 years of trying

Im still working on mine, turn the deserts green, lots of peoples idea

Google the holy grail of permaculture

The Sinai desert and most particularly Mount Sinai is the accupuncture point on Gaea that could fix the whole thing

Despair is not helpful amd i repeat, this is a practical issue not a moral or emotional one

Dealing with it emotionally politically morally, etc etc etc is all NOT GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM

If, through all the tears, i might be allowed to suggest, there is no problem so unfixable here in my opinion

If you were to all scream at me and say go away ok

I go away, you are enjoying your grief

You are part of the problem though not part of the solution

In that case

Go buy some vegan lab grown meat from bill.