rob posted by rob 22 Oct 2021  


$3.5 trillion printed for lockdown doubled to 7 trillion including commericial bank mirroring, 100% leverage immediately - THE MOTIVE FOR THE CRIME

trying to understand this, so the onset of the pandemic was the production of 7 trillion new dollars?

"No, what made the Fed’s 2020 pandemic maneuvers novel was what the Fed did with its new reserves: it disbursed them so as to cause the parallel, mirror-image creation of $3.5 trillion in new bank money. That simply did not occur during the GFC. This is the defining feature of the Fed’s 2020 pandemic maneuvers. To understand this, however, requires at least rudimentary knowledge of the split-circuit debt-based monetary system1 that’s in place in nearly all parts of the world (the exceptions all coming, curiously, in “anti-USA” flavors like the Taliban, Libya, etc.)."