Rob posted by Rob 28 Sep 2021  



To me it's another inflation story, when they printed 2 trillion for the lockdown I thought there's the motive, now we wait for the inflation, they then printed another 6.1 trillion for a "stimulus package" inflation guaranteed, at least 8 trillion in New money devalues all other money, banking system theft from the people.

Now as inflation stories come out they are "any other reason other than the 8 trillion we just created" on the banking system news

Fuel crisis. Therefore. Inflation
Brexit. Therefore. Inflation
Hackers. Therefore. Inflation
Supply bottlenecks. Therefore. Inflation
Bosses putting up wages to get people back to work. Therefore. Inflation

Anything other than: we've just printed 8 trillion in fake money. Therefore. inflation

That is the real reason for all these other fake stories, in my opinion

Not that this won't cause food and energy shortages supply chain problems and raised wages, just that the news will give you the cause and effect the wrong way round, deliberately obviously, lying criminals that they are