Rob posted by Rob 12 Aug 2021  


Who is the rebel president?

I wouldn't exactly call trump a rebel, big capitalist businessman and all, but the reason I call him "the rebel president" is because it was a rebel VOTE. Let me explain...

In the build up to Trump v Hillary the discussion on the Internet was evil, I think the whole world tasted that foul taste coming off American politics, created bad vibes worldwide that whole election process.

I kept saying to people, "I don't know why your bothering to argue, every American election since the foundation of the United States has been determined by which candidate has the most money, Hillary has 10 times the campaign funds Trump has, she's a shoe in, she wins by default, why argue?"

And then I was proven well wrong, Trump won, by a whisker... The very 1st time in history the candidate with less campaign funds won.

That's why I call him the rebel president.

He was also the peace movement choice because of Hillary's stated intention to intensify Obama's passive regime change policy in Syria, "there can be no peace in Syria until Assad goes", said Obama, and there hasn't been, as we fund ISIS while saying ISIS is the most evil thing on the planet and pretend to be fighting ISIS.

Hillary was going to take this "passive" policy active with a no fly zone over Syria policy at a time when the Russian Air force was in the air defending Syria against ISIS, she was fully prepared to fight Russia, over Syria, on behalf of ISIS.

It was this madness that made them justified in voting for a nutter like Trump, just, at least, on a "not Hillary" basis.

A nice quote justifying the American people generally against fair accusations against American militarism, a more subtle version of "blame the leaders not the people" is "Americans keep voting for peace but keep getting war anyway" even Bush Dubya was against foreign intervention which is why Scott Ritter top peace movement UN weapons inspector voted for him before 911, Obama was a peace movement vote, though he never did what he got the peace prize for.

Black Lives Matter put Trump in power. Also. People fed up with the "pretending to be oppressed" lie, the, "if you point out the lie we kill you" nastiness.

The regime change policy stopped; there were less wars under trump than anyone else, not because he's a "nice guy" but because he could see it was NOT IN OUR INTERESTS which was always, I found, the most effective anti war argument when talking to a pro war person, let's be practical about this, morality is largely fraud anyway

He turned down war with Iran, they tried hard to get him to do it.

He saw Russia defeating ISIS and said, "let Russia do it", let's just back out and declare victory while Russia does the job? That seemed like a good idea to a lot of people

Now Biden is installed and regime change is back, pray for Assad, war with Iran on the cards and it looks like they're doing Ethiopia in an attempt to destabilise the entire horn of Africa having removed all the governments across the North of Africa bordering the Mediterranean on the border with Europe.

Expect a further refugee crisis in Europe and when you see it do know that it has been quite deliberately orchestrated, the last one was no accident, as the Guatemala to the southern united States border "refugee" train that was timed to arrive just in time for the midterm elections was most definitely not a spontaneous movement of people, much like 😔"black lives matter" only in an election year is orchestrated controlled opposition not a spontaneous movement of the people as is clearly illustrated by its political timing... The same observation also applies to the coronavirus indicating it is a deliberately released bioweapon, along with much other evidence, political timing, "the lab leak theory" is named such that, if it was a bioweapon it "leaked", accidentally... Bollocks, if it was a bioweapon it was definitely deliberately released, why? Political timing