Rob posted by Rob 29 Mar 2021  


It's not about the vaccine, it's about the money

Good business for vaccine companies, mandatory Vaccination for 7 billion people, TWICE! (Three times if you're American) per YEAR, god business, why would they WANT the pandemic to end

But methinx small change next to the stimulus, several trillion dollars, to pay for the lockdown, on the spot, early 2020, if Pfizer make a few billion over the next 10 years that's peanuts, trivial, not worth committing such a crime for

That's why our genius chancellor was able to guarantee furlough, pay everybody not to work, and still have money left to but these billions of vaccines we need, because Bill Gates organised Boris into paying for it on our behalf, that is, everybody stops work for a year, now we spend however many billions of whose money? What money? Where'd the money come from if everyone stopped work? Heck we could still afford Romanian workers imported to pick our asparagus DESPITE brexit

But what was a Brexit about? The Dream? If we lose Christian Common Law that's what's getting eraser with these endless restrictions and government powers