mp3's, click to listen, right click save link to download. 01 bleachy rubstep
02 the story so far
03yoda room session 2

04the wrong arm u broke

05i know wat u mean
06the revolution will be brit and civilised

07benn v king v indeed 08 09HISTORY 10 11 12revolutionation 13 14rumsfeld 15warwarwar 16 17 WAT THEY SAY IN KABUL 18why 19dont wanna b in love 20 21 22 23

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contact 07791498808 text only
lookin 4 a band bass n drums, keys

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the old newspaper, nu 1 soon


How peace-not-war fucked me up" i fucked up peace-not-war.

"It's too late now, there's no point trying"
... reasons to carry on regardless

"Climate Camp - a cynics point of view"
Bloody Anarchists

"a policeman stole my name"
G20 cowardice

"does the world need saving?"
detail please?

"for the want of a 12v battery"
how the revolution was lost

"Revolutionary philosophy and technique"
an old burnout tries to remember ..

"tales from the london loony left"
Why hasn't the revolution happened yet?

"Bin Ladin dunnit"
reasons to beware conspiracy..

"Fascism and economic depression"
it happened before, it may happen again.

"Armageddon Solutions"
things to consider should the economy REALLY crash.

"Campaign Against Climate Change"
OR campaign FOR the ENVIRONMENT.

"the Battle of the Sexes - Love is the answer?".
maybe love has been the problem all along?.

"The Great Peace Movement Swindle"
Anarcho Franchise - make a packet out of peace

"the Hippy Wars"
now i see how it all went punk last time...